Common Pest control treatments


Rats and mice can do some serious damage to a premises, beside from carrying and spreading viruses, germs, bacteria to consumable foods and products, they can also do serious structural damage to your home, such as chewing through electrical wiring, gnawing through structural timber and beams in the house, causing severe structural damage and electrical fires. The common rodents found around the house are: • the common house mouse • roof rat • larger Norway Rat.


The common cockroaches found around the home and workplace can be dangerous because they can be very small and generally large infestations can easily spread. They carry germs and bacteria and can easily infect your food supply through their urine and feces.

Cockroaches reproduce in very large numbers which can be very hard to contain if not treated properly and effective.

The common cockroaches found around the home are:
• The German cockroach (small)
• The smoky brown cockroach (medium)
• The Australian cockroach (large)
• The American cockroach (large)


Australia is home to some of the deadliest spiders in the world. The common dangerous and deadly spiders found around the home are
• The Red back
• The White tail
• The funnel web
These can have a very dangerous or even lethal bite if not treated quickly and properly.
Other spiders can have a poisonous bite but much less venomous and some are just orbing spiders. Many of these spiders venomous and non venomous can be found around the urban home in the gardens, on fences, around rockery and will generally come into the family home.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and Wasp can have a nasty sting especially to children and can be fetal to someone with allergies. They will generally set up a hive in a hollowed out tree, rockery, in the garden, under a awning or roof eaves, or sometimes make their way into a wall cavity of a home.


Fleas can infiltrate your whole house and not only your pets, causing itchiness to your and your loved ones.


Ants can be a very nuisance pest. They group in very large numbers and can infiltrate into food parties and other food sources.

Ants set up sophisticated and very large colonies headed by queens.

Common Ants

House ant – black in color found outdoors in ground, trees, wall cavities and roof voids.

Brown ant – Dark brown almost black in color, found in garden beds, wall cavities and sub floors.

Carpet ant – Color varies from black to a light brown color and will travel very long distance in search of food and water and will often next in the open in a moist soil or timber area.

Bulldog ant – black in color and larger than the common house ant. They can have a nasty bite and nest around the garden.

Rodent Treatment

The best way to treat Rodents is to set a series of traps and bait stations throughout the premises and external perimeters.

Cockroach Treatment

The best way to treat cockroaches is with using a high quality gel in the kitchen combine with light dusting in all the cracks and crevices and setting bait stations throughout the premises while dusting the roof space and sub floors of your home to target the larger cockroaches, finally, an internal perimeter and external spray of the premises.

Spider Treatment

Directly spraying on the spiders and their webs will eliminate them, also spray and dusting in the roof and sub floors will kill them, followed by a external perimeter spray of the premises.

Bee and Wasp Treatment

Once the hive has been found and observed, the technician can determine the way to treat if whether it be with a spray or a heavy dusting.

Flea Treatment

A flea treatment will consist of a full internal and external spray of the property to make sure the problem is eradicated quickly and sufficiently.